Support Rooftop Films

Though we are all social distancing right now, there will soon come a time for us to safely celebrate together, and once again communally experience the uplifting power of truly innovative filmmaking. When that beautiful moment arrives, and the summer breeze blows open the door, Rooftop Films wants to be there to make those events come to life—but that can only happen with your help. If it’s within your means, we hope that you can support Rooftop Films today.

Rooftop employs 7 year-round employees, nearly 100 seasonal employees, and all of us are dedicated to bringing this beautiful, meaningful, uplifting work to you and to this city that we love. It breaks our hearts to even consider that the best films of 2020 won’t be seen, or that the people of the five boroughs won’t be able to come together and celebrate these extraordinary accomplishments. We need your help to make sure that doesn’t happen.

If you are able, please make a donation today so that Rooftop Films can continue to employ our staff and prepare for the re-opening of the city and our events, so that we can bring New Yorkers together again, as soon as it is possible and safe to do so. 

Every donation or membership you make of more than $16 will gain you entry to one or more events as soon as they are back up and running.